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What's something that 97% of society doesn't know, but needs to be said?

It’s all going to be over soon.

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I did the math.

We spend an average 4.5 hours[1]per day on digital entertainment.

30.7 x 52 weeks / 24 (Converting hours to days) = 66.5 days

We slice off 2 months every year.

That makes the already-short 12 months just 10 months.
On a day count, that leaves us with 298 days/year.

Let’s substract sleep. Benefit of the doubt: You sleep only 7 hours a night, every night.

Using the magic of a calculator, that leaves us with 192 days/year.
(Quick note: 50% of a year is 182 days. We're at 192 days already with just sleep & entertainment.)

No wonder years feel so short; THEY ACTUALLY ARE!

Let's add work into the cocktail:
8 hours 4 days a week. (Instead of 5 days. To be generous, again.)

That's 69 days. 192 - 69 = ...

That equals to 123 days/year of real lifetime.

We only have 123 days a year for ourselves.
In a 5 day workweek, we would only have 106 days left.

But let’s stay at 123 days, because it’s such a beautiful number. These 123 days don’t include:

  • Working overtime
  • The way to work and back home
  • Extra-sleep on the weekends
  • Work around the house
  • Maintaining your hygiene
  • Eating
  • Caring about your children
  • Disease

Considering we've already calculated generously…

That would easily put us under 80 days, but let’s keep it 100 for good point of measure. (and to be generous, again.)

We only have 100 days out of 365. That's 27.4%.

Using that measure…

by age 25 we’ve only lived 6.85 years.
by age 40, we’ve only lived 10.96 years.
by age 60, we’ve only lived 16.44 years.

The rest is work, sleep and chores.

I made this calculation because I constantly find myself asking…

How is this year over already? How is it October already? Where did the time go?

Funny enough… it’s the same thing I thought last year.

Life is too damn short. Or to be more specific:

Life is too damn short to be wasted.

Nobody in their deathbed ever hoped to watch more movies, YT videos, TikTok’s or play more games. While none of these things are wrong by themselves… They steal most of your time and account for most of your pleasure.

What is it about these quick pleasures that makes it seem like an equal trade for our time?

Happiness we can remember; Pleasure we can not.

Every second is valuable.

In love,



[1] Consumers spend 4.5 hours per day on digital entertainment