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What is something you noticed in Avengers, that you believe most people have missed?

I re-watched Endgame yesterday and found this odd.

Iron man and Nebula are trapped in space. Tony doesn't know whether he'll make it out alive.

In desperation, he records a message to say goodbye.

In what we thought were his last moments, Captain Marvel comes to rescue and safely delivers them home.

But who is the first person he mentions upon meeting the rest of the Avengers?

"I couldn't stop him."

"Neither could I."

"Hang on. I lost the kid."

"Tony, we lost."

"Is, uh...?"

-Iron Man and Captain America

Notice how he mentioned Spider-Man before Pepper.

He didn't think he'd see his family ever again. His life was over.

But he had to ask about “the kid” first.

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