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The Waiter's Balance

The Waiter's Balance
Photo by Kate Townsend / Unsplash

When you lift the heavier cup, the lighter one tips over.

You must place your hand central to the heaviest cup, and always lift the lightest cup first.

A great waiter must always balance the appetite by taking the order, serving an appetizer, then silverware and then the main menu, while keeping an attitude of excellent service.

The waiter doesn't know of his worth, or their part of gloriosity. They only know the task at hand.

A waiter is always for life.

The waiter listens to every customer with good eye and ear.

The waiter attends to every individual, individually.

Still, the waiter is a flower.

A sensitive, servicing rose, not a robot with a mechanical & charming smile.

Just like the waiter is depended upon, he is dependent upon music, positive feedback, other waiters and waitresses, love, encouragement, assurance, support. And... Remembrance.

A waiter must be aware they're a flower, because a stone's service is not eternal.