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The Tibor Journey and How You Benefit From it!


I'm writing this Episode of the Tibor Newsletter in English, because at this time there are no Germans subscribed to it.

๐Ÿ‘‹ Hello you international peeps!

Let's dive straight in...

The Church Service and the Wildest Rollercoaster of my Life!

TWO BIG EVENTS happened this week!

There is this local free church service I've been visiting every sunday for 7 months. I'm not Christian but I love the Life Lessons from religious books.

In Zeal Church, I usually volunteer as a Host.

I love to greet people with an embracing smile and chatter about life :))

By now I know most of the regulars in Zeal Church and they make up 90% of my 162 Instagram Followers (Shoutout yo!)

And once a year, they organize a BIG meeting for all Donators and volunteers. (Including me!)

And this year's Motto was "The Golden 20's!"

I put on my best (and only) suit to look fancy. And once I arrived...

I couldn't contain my smile. "People! People everywhere! Life is happening here!"

I was overwhelmed by the dresses, suits, styles and people's presence. It was such a lively event that my stomach started tingling. (Or was it my Spider sense?)

I was so grateful just from that little salad on my disposable wooden plate.

And then something happened in my head...


I was so grateful, that I could see more of my life.

Do you know that moments where you're peaceful or grateful and it's like you can see your life more clearly? It's like zooming out on a map and you can see all the borders, neighboring cities and mountains.

I saw myself objectively but with love. Non-Judgemental but with an eye on: "What do you want to improve?"

I felt inspired... To change.

I sat there and watched the dreamful movie that was unfolding in front of my eyes...

And I wish that you see Events, People, Interactions, Actions and Stuff that make you want to BE MORE!

When was the last time you felt out of your body from gratefulness? From inspiration? From peace?

No matter how long ago it was... you deserve it regularly.

Yes. Regularly. You are worth every drop of inspiration there is, because one day you will be the inspiration for MANY MORE! (Hundreds, thousands, millions?)

1. Do whatever you need to feel inspired.

However, inspiration can't be forced.

It comes to you, like a gift of life.
Like a flower that will be gone soon, but now it's here for you to appreciate.

But you can increase your chances of receiving that flower ๐ŸŒน

  • Go to Events that support good causes
  • Surround yourself with the people you "vibe" most with!
  • Interact with People who've achieved more than you! (And are further in life...)
  • Dance your A** of in a Club or Party every Friday Night if you love DANCING๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป
  • Let inspiration take a regular seat in your Life by watching YouTube Videos like Yes Theory, your favorite Podcast or your favorite Guru...
  • And come up personally with something that inspires you. (Don't just take ideas from bullet-point lists on the internet ;D Make your own!)

When you're home all day, going through your routines and staying insinde of your comfort zone...

You will miss inspiration.

Or better...

Inspiration will miss you.

Because it will never have a chance to land its beautiful fragrance on your being.

Just like rain ๐ŸŒง๏ธ

If you're at home, you're sheltered from the rain.

But if you're at the right place, you will be showered by it. It can take you up like a river.

Find where your inspiration falls. Then go there :))

2. You can only see it, if you did it.

I was afraid of heights. Always.

There is this little park in my city. My mom used to bring me here as a kid.

I remember an incident where a girl intentionally shaked the spider-web while I tried to climb to the top... and it traumatized me.
Since then, I was always scared shi'tless while other kids my age easily climbed to the top.

But a few months ago I tried it again.

At the middle of the Spider-Web I told my friend. "I'm scared!"
He said: "Don't struggle!"


(If you raise the volume, you can hear my manly victory scream!)

It took me until the age of 20 to conquer this "Spider-Web."

That was the first step to conquering my fear of heights.

But this week I went to an amusement park for the first time in my life!

There were all sorts of scary rollercoasters, high-flying things, and things that I'd never trust!

This amusement park made the Spider-Web look like the spider-webs around my house.

When I looked at those machines I saw myself being the one death incident in the history of this amusement park... who got unlucky while riding the rollercoaster because the screw on his seat wasn't adjusted properly.

Until I made one step:

Do it anyway.

I told myself: If I do this... then I'm Hercules! ๐Ÿ’ช

And if I die... well, I didn't think further than that.

With nervousness in my gut, I entered the scary flying-thing where it lifts you above the ground and spins you around in a circle. It was this:


That must've been atleast 20 meters.

Step-By-Step I moved into the seat with my friends and knew there was no going back now.

Now I was sitting in the seat and it moved me upwards.

But once at the top, something changed...

I realized I had no control.

I felt like a particle in the vast universe of life that gets passed around by its environment and it reminded me of my own life.
It wasn't in my control where I was born, how I grew up and who I currently am. Those are all things I can't control.

After accepting I had no control...

there was only appreciation, joy and ADRENALINE!

This is my face after doing it:

In the next minutes after that experience I realized two things.

  1. I'm alive. (Thank you!)

But I also learned...

2. I didn't know I was capable of it, until I experienced it.

My name is still Tibor. I was still a young 20yo guy. My soul was still the same.

And I recognized the following life lesson:

You were capable of it ALREADY.

Nothing held me back from doing it a day earlier... or two... or two months... or two years.

This experience was always available to me, but I never did it.

Therefore I never knew I was capable.

Stretching your comfort zone doesn't make you a bigger person...

It reveals that you are more than you think.

Just like I've been avoiding heights for all this time.

If we don't have the opportunity to discover ourselves, we won't see how much we are.

And I feel like that's the purpose of experiences...

To discover yourself.

It's like turning up the intensity of a flashlight in a dark room.
Every experience ticks the intensitiy up and up.

And once I overcame my first fear...

I went to the most horrifying rollercoaster of the whole amusement park.

In front of us there were 10 people but nobody dared to sit in the front. The amusement park worker asked "Does someone want to sit in the front?"

Now, that was the universe asking me in the most obivious manner I could imagine.

I said: "ME!" with a swollen chest and grabbed the first seat with my friend.

Luckily, one of our friends captured this moment with her camera.
(Can you see me in the front?"


HAHAHHAAH looking at it again, it's so funny! :D

That day I went home and learned two things:

  1. I can do more than I think.
  2. Trust the Rollercoaster (of life). It'll all work out and you'll arrive where it brings you.

I hope you liked this Episode of the Tibor Newsletter!

Tell me if you've got any Feedback.

This Newsletter will be one of the most valuable, positive and insightful Newsletters to inspire young people all over the worldโญ

I'll see you next Sunday! :D