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The Tibor-Letters

When I Dropped out of School at 18, I didn't think it'd be as fun of an Adventure as it has been the past 4 years since.

But I also didn't think it'd be that much of a pain, anxiety and misery at other times.

And, it's not the sort of pain I could've imagined...

Pain is necessary, but it's not worth thinking about it.

It comes and goes, things change very quickly... at least for a young windboy like me that goes where there's opportunity.

The paper he's holding is actually the Tibor Newsletter!

I won't tell you the story from the Beginning, instead, you'll be in the present with me, here and now.

As things are happening, You'll read them and let them be part of Your Life.

Since this is a weekly Newsletter that arrives in your Mail every Sunday at 6PM, it's more like a live-commentary of things I want to remember for the rest of my life...

or things I wish I'd learned sooner...

or beautiful moments of serendipity, reflection & depth.

The Tibor-Letter might be a Poem, an essay, the story of a Conversation or anything that's worth sharing in my eyes.

But I promise you, it'll make you richer in a way you'll get a new understanding of what it means to be rich.

The first Newsletter this Year arrives on this Sunday 6PM, 18:00 European Central Time.

I'm super excited to meet you, since the Mail that I use to send my Newsletter is also my own E-Mail, so you can reply if you feel like participating in my cosmos. (And it's also my professional Business E-Mail)

Discover the last Episode of the Tibor-Letter below.