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The Dating Advice I wish I knew at 18.

This is the single-best Dating Advice I picked up.

This advice would have saved me years of:

  • Desperation
  • Hopelessness
  • Pain
  • Missing something I never had

…while attracting the life I want.

I really want my fellow men to know this so I’m going to keep this short and simple.

The following sentence captures it perfectly.

You need to attract the life you want.

Let me elaborate.

Attracting the life you want means nothing more than pursuing your goals in life.

If you your only goal in life is to date women… you will likely fail.

When she is the only priority in your mind, you are coming from a place of lack, loneliness, and desperation, and not being able to offer anything unique to her.

She will notice this and find it a huge turn-off. She realizes that this person isn't living their best life on their own.

“Why should I join his life? How could he take care of me, if he can’t even take care of himself?”

It’s similar to putting all of your eggs in one basket. If this one investment fails, if this one potential relationship fails…

It will hit you hard.

But what if you prioritize your own life above a relationship? What if you focus on…

  • Forming deep friendships with others
  • Living an adventurous, exciting life on your own
  • Your Fitness & health
  • Developing your intellect regularly by watching Podcasts, reading Books...
  • Listening to smarter-than-you-people regularly
  • Building your own income from a job you enjoy?

If you live your own happiest life… you don’t actually care whether she joins your life or not.

Because your life is splendid already.

“You want her… But you don’t need her.”
- Andrew Ferebee

This is the magic.

If you live a happy life on your own, and work towards the goals you want…
You are less likely to be desperate, you will shine confidence and it will ultimately turn her towards you.

You will overflow from all that you have and unavoidably share it with whoever is around you. (And one day, that will be someone you find really attractive)

When you have a lot of yourself, you will start sharing it. Because sharing it is a bigger joy than keeping it.

You'll have a purpose even bigger than yourself and this confidence leads her to trust you and allow her to give herself into your being.

A man who lives his own purpose is more attractive than a bad-boy with a six-pack and mouth-numbing wealth. And if she rather picks a bad boy than you who genuinely improves and lives maturely... then you wouldn't want her in the first place.

And the best thing about this advice is…

You don’t need to own a luxury car, a superman-body, or even a car.

If you walk your own path step-by-step…
if she sees you’re actively trying and putting in efforts daily…
she can still see who you are and fall in love with your essence.

You may also have heard that women care more about personality than looks.

The feminine cares more about how you make her feel.

You don’t have to have everything you want yet.

Intimate relationships are a byproduct of living your best life.

Work towards the life you want. Improve yourself every day… Be happy on your own. Have your life in control, before inviting her to be part of it.

The quality of your relationships depend on the quality of your life.

Have you noticed that this dating advice is actually life advice?

In love,